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this is our legacy

dancer of the monthWelcome
Founded in 2012, G-Force Dance Legacy is dedicated to providing quality dance education for all dancers. Through our love and knowledge of dance, we strive to reach, teach and inspire each dancer to achieve his or her fullest potential.

Keeping up with the current dance trends and immersing students in up-to-date and dynamic dance training is one of our top missions at G-Force Dance Legacy.

G-Force offers various price ranges and dance class options that allow the dancer to decide upon whether to dance recreationally or to take their dance training to the competitive and professional level. Our instructors have continuous access and exposure to professional dance development to share with our students.

Be a Part of the LEGACY!
Thanks for your interest in G-Force Dance Legacy! For questions or for class placement assistance, please call (817) 744-8637 or email G Force Dance Legacy today.

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