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company bittyBitty Company & Mini Company 

Bitty Company (ages 3-4) and Mini Company (ages 5-7) are intro level teams that focus on introducing young dancers to a more disciplined approach to dance instruction and the world of competitive dance. Company members also further develop their confidence, work ethic, skill, technique, stamina, strength and flexibility, poise and stage presence. Dancers selected for these Companies will continue to develop the technique and skills necessary to sucessfully compete at level 1 competition. Members must enroll in all required Bitty Company and Mini Company classes.

Bitty Company will compete at least one group routine with the possibilty of a second routine. Mini Company will compete at least two group routines, production routine and possibility of invitation into an additional large group or Line routine. Dancers may be invited to participate in solos, duets, trios. Bitty Company and Mini Company will have a few extra weekday and weekend rehearsals on specified dates to prepare for competitions. Bitty Company and Mini Company will attend one required local dance convention and one specified in-studio master class in September. Bitty Company will compete in three Regional and one National local Competitions. Mini Company will compete in five competitions throughout the year.

* * * There is NO FORMAL AUDITION required for participation in Bitty Company. Entry is by invitation only. Private auditions for Bitty Company can be arranged upon request for new G-Force Dancers.

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