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Please note the following information before signing up for Company Auditions:

Company Financial Obligations


g force danceDance requires time commitment as well as financial commitment. Competitive dance opens up a world of art, expression, life skills, and discipline.... as well as your wallets. We understand that the financial commitments associated with the competitive dancer can be overwhelming at times. We believe that behind every great dancer is a great dance parent that sacrifices to give the gift of dance to their child or children.

G-Force Dance Legacy has developed a fundraising organization open to all parents of Company dancers, G-PODS, to help with the financial obligations and commitments associate with being a part of a competitive dance Company.

G-PODS (Great Parents of Dancers) is an organization that allows you to choose what fundraising options you would like to participate in to help lessen or completely cover the costs of dance!!! Both group and independent fundraising options are available to you. Now, you can have the option to help make the personal expense of your child's competitive dance training be more affordable without choosing between your wallet and the incredible gift of dance.


Registration takes place at the first Team meeting, which is held two days after auditions. All Company Dancers MUST enroll in all required team classes. There is a student registration fee of $35 for the first student and $10 for each additional student.

The following fees are due upon registration:

•  Registration Fee $35
•  First Month's Tuition (please see Company Tuition totals)
•  Team Training Camp $150/dancer
•  In-Studio Master Class Fee $95
(see details on each fee below)


A 2-week Summer Team Training Camp will be held the week after auditions. Team Training Camp fees are due at the first team meeting.
• Team Training Camp 2019 July 15-July 25th (no Friday Classes)
• $100



We will hold several in-studio master classes throughout the season, with one being mandatory for all Company Dancer ages 7 and up. Cross Pointe Dance Master Class will be taught by dance professionals in the industry. Dancers will take part in a group discussion with the master class instructors, Ballet, Contemporary, Broadway Musical Theater and Tap classes for a total of 4 and a half hours of instruction.

Payment for the Master Class will be due upon Company Registration after Company Auditions. Please see fees below.

•  Early Cross Pointe Dance Master Class Fee (if paid before July 1st): $85
•  Regular Cross Pointe Dance Master Class Fee: $95


Team members will take part in 2-3 local regional competitions yearly starting in January in some cases. Extra weekend rehearsals and meetings will be scheduled prior to and during competition season during the specified times on the studio class schedule.

•  Estimated Fees: $48-$60 for groups, $65-$140 for solo, duet, trio.


Team members will take part in 2 nationals at competitions where regional qualification is achieved. You will be informed during the team meeting as to where and when we will attend competition during the season. All competitions are in-state competitions unless otherwise specified.

•  Estimated Fees: $58-$80 for groups, $75-$160 for solo, duet, trio


Company and Elite Company dancers will take part in at least 1 mandatory dance convention yearly. Certain selected team routines may compete at Convention. An entry fee is required for routines competing.

•  Bitty (ages 4) & Mini convention fee: $85- $150
•  Petites & Juniors & Jr. Force convention fee: $175-$250
•  Teens & Seniors & Force convention fee: $185-$250


Price per competitive routine costume will range from $125-$225 for group routines. All recreational class costumes are added into your yearly costume total. Special solo, duet, trio, or production costume price may vary depending on custom detail or custom design. costumes may be eligible for special awards at competition.


Monthly Tuition


Bitty$150 per month
Mini$165 per month
Petite, Junior & Petite Elite$175 per month
Junior Elite$185 per month
Teen & Senior$175 per month
Teen Elite &Senior Elite$185 per month
Jr. Force & The Force$185 per month
Hip Hop CompanyMonthly Tuition plus an additional $15 per month
Broadway Company 2Monthly Tuition plus an additional $15 per month
Broadway Company 1Monthly Tuition plus an additional $15 per month
Jr. Tap CompanyMonthly Tuition plus an additional $15 per month
Tap CompanyMonthly Tuition plus an additional $15 per month 

Monthly Tuition includes all required team classes. Add $15 for each additional recreational class added that is not included on your dancer's required Company Schedule. Competitive team family discount of 15% (applies to team members only).



Company Dress Code



•  Any fitted dance top, mini top, or solid colored skirtless leotard (no t-shirts or tank tops)
•  Any dance shorties (no athletic short, street shorts, pants or skirts. leggings allowed)
•  Tan/nude colored tights optional
•  Dance leg warmers may be worn in colder months (optional)
•  Hair up a in a clean ponytail or completely up in another style


•  G-Force Team Gear
•  Pack all dance shoes
•  Nude/tan dance tights may be worn optionally
•  Hair up in Bun


•  Jazz:  Tan slip-on jazz shoes
•  Tap:  Black leather slip-on jazz shoe style tap
•  Lyrical/Contemporary:  Barefoot, nude color lyrical shoe or half soles