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Acrobatics is a gymnastic sport that encompasses many aspects of ballet and other dance styles. Along with it technical and foundational aspects, acrobatics allows the student to develop a great deal of balance, coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, and motor control. A great compliment to all dance styles, acrobatics is one of our most highly recommended classes for all ages. Acrobatics includes elements such as forwards tumbling, backwards tumbling, flipping, aerial trick, and so much more! Our youngest acrobats learn about special awareness, directional change, balance, hand-eye coordination, and basic tumbling skills, while our more advanced acrobats take their tumbling skills to new and impressive heights. All of our acrobatics classes are focused on teaching the skills your child should learn at each level. All classes are focused, discipline, and all have one main goal; to teach every student that just because gravity holds us down, it doesn’t mean that we can't challenge that.

Pre-Ballet, Ballet and Pointe Classes

Ballet is the foundational technique for dance, and is highly recommended as a fundamental study and compliment for ALL dance disciplines. Our classical ballet class curriculum is developed from Royal Academy of Dance (English), Vaganova (Russian), and Cecchetti (Italian) technical principles, traditions and structured syllabi. All dancers will be taught proper dance terminology and technique as developmentally appropriate for each age level and class level. Our Pre-ballet classes are designed to introduce compassionate structure and focus to our young dancers, while our upper ballet curriculum is designed to further develop and enrich the more professional student’s ballet experience in order to immerse the dancer in the beauty and strength of the ballet discipline. Dancers will be placed first by age and then assessed based on ability. Because of the technical nature of ballet, dancers may spend more than one year in each level before successfully progressing to the next.

Adult Dance Club

Want to get back into dance, or maybe you just want some more "you-time" for fun. Then put on your leg warmers, get out those brightly colored tops and jump into our Club Heelz dance class! This adults-only dance class is the perfect combination of a fun and stress-free workout and a non-competitive dance class atmosphere. In this class, you will have some fun learning ballet and jazz style dance technique and steps. With basic and beneficial warm-up exercises, floor work, fun dance routines, and friends, Adult Dance Club is the perfect dance get-away for anyone who wants to have a blast every week!!

Enchanted Storybook Dance

Expand your child's imagination in an enchanted blend of delightful storybook dance inspired by the most royal and glamorous fairytale characters. Each dance term will focus on a fairytale story that has been turned into a ballet!!! As we read our story and learn our theatrical movement storybook dance, your little princess will learn to use her listening skills, imagination, coordination, creativity, focus, memory, teamwork skills, introductory ballet technique, knowledge of basic ballet history, and how to tell a story with her body through dance. Our dances will feature famous ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Giselle and so much more!!! We invite your little princess to join us on a magical ballet journey through the enchanted Kingdom of dance.  

Hip Hop

Born in the urban streets, hip hop is an exciting, freestyle form of dance that allows the dancer to express him or herself through their individual personalities and freedom of movement in a way that is unique and fun. Hip Hop dance comes in many forms from street dance and culture; break dance, popping, locking, B-boys and B-girls (breaker boys and girls), graffiti (art), MCs (rappers). Hip Hop has been created through the ongoing culmination of several different cultures such as American, jazz, Latino, urban, African Dance, popular rock, and many more. Dancers will have the freedom and ability to use their movement to further develop confidence and love for the arts. Due to the freestyle and exciting nature of this class, it has become one of the more popular choices among dancers of all ages. Your dancer will make his or her mark and personal contribution to the hip hop culture in an enriching, safe, and loving dance environment.


This is another very popular dance genres for dancers to study. Jazz dancing, like hip hop, is fun, exciting, energetic, and stylish and allows the dancer to express him or herself in an individual way. Jazz has progressed and developed in correspondence to popular music in our culture. Leaps, turns, precise movement, some hip hop style, modern jazz, jazz funk, contemporary jazz, Caribbean traditional dance, Broadway style jazz, African American vernacular dance, and so much more classify and are foundational aspects of jazz dance. Jazz is a discipline that uses ballet technique as the foundational basis from where its movements are derived. Though jazz is upbeat, exciting and full of personality, it also requires the dancer to use a great deal of grace, balance and poise.


This class is the result of a fusion between ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance styles. This dance style combines technical components of ballet with the freedom and fluidity of jazz to allow the dancer to express individual interpretations and movement. Lyrical and contemporary are both expressive styles of dance that allow the dancer to interpret the emotions and experience the stories behind a musical piece to execute strong, graceful, dynamic, natural, poetic, and intricate movements. All of our Expressionz dance classes are designed to give dancers the experience of both amazing dance styles in an enjoyable and creative way that allows each dancer to find his or her own expressional movement interpretation of the powerful story behind the music.

Mommy/Daddy & Me

This dance class is designed to give the experience of dance class to even the tiniest dancers with the love a support of a mom, dad, or buddy. This class is a great introductory class for all parents who would like to start their children on a supportive, fun and loving dance path. This class includes stretching, simple but fun dance concepts, buddy tumbling, spa dance days, dance games and so much more! So join in the fun and bring your little prince or princess to our Mommy/Daddy & Me classes.

Musical Theatre

Love to sing, act and dance? Our Broadway Starz and Broadway dance classes are designed to let you experience the magic of musical theater in a whole new way. Dancers will learn to use their personalities and portray various characters through song and dance. This exciting class allows the dancer to tell a story that has been told already or one of their own in their very own dance production. Musical theater dance styles can be jazz based, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and everything else in between. Our acting classes and exercises help encourage all the dancers to have confidence and a true love for musical theater. All dancers will learn proper stage terminology and dance terminology to communicate movement, direction, space, formation, casting, and interview. All of our studio musical theater classes and productions are perfect for the more disciplined dancer who wants to take their dance instruction to a new level, or the dancer who just wants to have fun!


Tap dancing is a percussive style of dance that uses the small metal plates on the bottoms of dancer's shoes to make contact with the floor, which creates a tapping sound. Tap is a fun, upbeat, rhythmic style of dance that allows the dancer to practice their coordination in achieving the proper sounds with their tap shoes while also maintaining balance and rhythm. The dancer also becomes a musician and a performer while dancing to upbeat and energizing music, swing, popular hits, hip hop beats and even acapella tap routines.


TwoTu Ballet & Pre-Tap

Play and using the imagination comes naturally to even the youngest children. At this age, children are learning to use imaginative play to learn about themselves and to explore the world around them. Our TwoTu Ballet and Pre-Tap classes are a perfect fit for even the youngest of dancers, because these classes allow the child to learn and practice skills such as balance, special awareness, basic ballet skills, rhythm, different movement, directional changes, and classroom etiquette through imaginative dance exercises and themes. Dancers must be 2 years of age at the time of registration.