G Force Dance Legacy
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G-Force Dance

Studio Policies

  • No food or drinks allowed in the studio rooms. All water bottles and sports drinks can be left in the Dancer's Lounge personal space in dance bags.
  • Absolutely no leaving class without permission from the teacher or parent
  • All students should enter and leave the studio wearing an appropriate cover-up over their dancewear. Studio warm ups and other cover-up options are available to you in our studio Pro-Shop.
  • Dancers should enter the classroom on time and dressed in their dancewear. Changing areas will be available to your child before, during and after class for changing convenience.
  • No cell phones will be allowed into the studio dance room. All student cell phones must be turned off and left in dance bags. At no time should a dancer check his or her cell phone during class.
  • For the safety of our dancers, no dancer should leave the studio and visit the convenience store alone or without parental or adult supervision.
  • When dropping off dancers, please walk younger children to the studio door.
  • No dancer should leave the studio without a parent or guardian.
  • Dancers should enter the room quietly and not be disruptive during class instruction. Continuous misbehavior or disruption during class can result in removal from that class. Remember, we are all here to learn while having fun.
  • Running and other behavior of that sort will not be tolerated while inside or outside of the studio doors for everyone’s safety.
  • Parents and dancers should remain outside of the dance room until a teacher invites you in to start class.
  • No one may sit in and enter the dance room except for dancers when class begins. There are areas for parent viewing available to you and there will also be scheduled observation dates when family is invited inside of the classroom and watch class.
  • All students and parents are expected to show respect towards each other and the faculty and staff at G-Force Dance Legacy.
  • No foul language or negative conduct of that sort will be tolerated from dancers or parents.
  • All dance belongings must be clearly marked with the dancer's name.